Arizona. California. Colorado. Texas. 

Hello! I'm Andi :)

I started falling in love with photography when I
was in high school. I would take my friends
down into washes and photograph them in
cute outfits and post my favorites on Myspace,
(I know, Myspace??). Little did I know, I was
practicing what would soon be my career! 

A little about me, 

My photography style is more candid. 
I LOVE coffee and traveling!
Boston is my favorite city I have visited. 
I grew up with cats, they are my favorite animal.
I enjoy the rain and overcast skies
I recieved my Bachelor's in Photography from
Northern Arizona University
I was an Army brat.
I was born in Oslo, Norway and lived in California,
Germany, Spain, and Arizona.

email: contact@andimariephotography.com
instagram: @andimarie2

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